Drive Unlimited Facebook Traffic to Your Website Easily


1. Make Sure You Have a Steady Stream of Shareable Content on Your Website

If you have a website that never changes, you’re going to struggle to get much traffic to it. Posting links to the same page on your site over and over is as futile as Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill. now a  days the name of the tips is content marketing and you had better figure out how your business can participate.

Fresh new content you post on your site is important—not only for social media marketing, but also for search engine optimization. Google rewards sites featuring fresh content with higher ranking. But you don’t have to post epic blog articles three times a week to win at the content marketing game. Posting something new and helpful once a week or even once a month can benefit your website traffic.

Here is some tips brainstorm how you can add new content to your website:

Post a weekly tips about your niche. It doesn’t have to be long . a paragraph or two with a nice photo will do just fine. Start with the frequently asked questions that come in from your customers. Post a weekly news bite with a photo about what is happening in your business. This works well for businesses that have events.Curate a list of top 10 helpful articles from around the web that you found that week. Add a short sentence about why you liked them.
Interview someone in your office or in your industry. The interview doesn’t have to be live or with video (but that makes it even better). You could send the interviewee a list of 5-10 questions beforehand

2. Make Your Images Size Big

Facebook posts that include images get around 120% more engagement than posts with no photos. Make your images prominent, and you’re going to get lots more Facebook likes, shares, comments – and click through. Use Big sized images in some of your Facebook blog/site post updates. Check your Facebook Insights, and your blog site metrics to assess your successes with Big sized images (and any of the methods in this article). Use the best methods to keep generating the most blog traffic for you.

To create a Big sized image Facebook post, upload the image directly on post .

Link to your blog post in your text update. Use a shortened link such as a to keep your post text and permalink  looking cleaner.

3.Use a Short Quote From Your Blog/website

Give your Fans a taste of your blog/site post. Include an intriguing quote from your article. Quotes in general are some of the most shared content on Facebook. If a Fan shares your update, they’re more likely to have clicked through to your site, too. Find a Best quote in your article that’s concise and gives a flavor of its contents. You can even make it more personalized, by including a photo of the person or writer making the quote.


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